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Following the successful vote in favour of Worcester Business Improvement District (BID) and subsequent available funding from this project, it was decided that from 1st April 2010 that the existing annual membership fee would be paid by the BID for businesses within the BID levy payment area.


  • To achieve a safe, secure and responsibly led drinking environment in all licensed premises throughout Worcester and help reduce alcohol related crime.
  • This in turn will improve the ambience of the environment in and around the watch area and enhance the safety, security, comfort and wellbeing of customers and staff so that their visit is a pleasurable occasion, which they will wish to repeat.
  • If the aim is achieved then an improvement in safety, security and wellbeing of staff will almost certainly follow.

What is it?

  • The Licensed Trade’s equivalent to Neighbourhood Watch – only more active and effective.
  • Nothing new – been in existence throughout the UK for over 30 years.
  • Sizes range from 200+ members to as little as 5 premises involved.


  • Basically, Licensees involved agree on a number of policies and actions against those individuals who cause or threaten damage, disorder, violence, use or deal drugs in their premises.
  • Normally, this action consists of agreeing to refuse to serve individuals that cause, or are known to have previously caused, these sorts of problems.
  • Having agreed these policies they then publicise them and stick to them.
  • Publicity alone will have significant effect on such problems but refusing admission and service significantly impacts on anti-social behaviour, averaging between 50 & 80%.

Partnership Working:

  • Most effective schemes work closely with the police, local authorities and other agencies.
  • Data Protection Policies must be in place to ensure that information and photograph sharing is effective and legal.

Exclusion Orders:

  • By the use of Exclusion Orders and banning, Licensees can ensure that troublemakers remain outside their premises and are effectively banned from entering any members’ establishments.


  • Effective schemes can have a beneficial effect on the locality.
  • Removing troublemakers will improve the ambience of an area and may encourage others to come to that area for their evening out.
  • Remember that the great majority on a night out do not want any trouble. The majority will shun an area or premises with a bad reputation.
  • Victims of crime will only remember their experience and will stay away from an area or premises as a result.
  • Successful watches will have an effect on the whole area.


NightSafe Membership for evening and night-time economy BID businesses is FREE with the only cost incurred being for the rental of our digital radio equipment.
For Non BID businesses, we are happy to offer membership to the NightSafe scheme.

For further information on Worcester NightSafe, please contact james.bell@worcesterbid.com