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E-Bulletin – 26 January 2015 (Awareness Training)

Dear All,

As part of their security and wellbeing at CrownGate and in light of the current threat level for all of us being set at severe, their Operations Team have been liaising with West Mercia Counter Terrorism Office to arrange some awareness training aimed at managing and preventing possible threats and situations.

They are happy to extend participation beyond CrownGate’s tenants to the BID members and possibly beyond. There are two events being planned with all information attached.

1) Project ARGUS:- Aimed at those in a position at work to make decisions i.e. Managers, Asst. Managers, Supervisors etc, and works to:

  • Raise awareness of current terrorist and crime issues
  • Share and gather intelligence and information
  • Build and maintain effective working relationships
  • Seek solutions to defeating terrorism and crime
  • Maintain trust and confidence in the Police and other authorities
  • Empower people to report suspicious activity and behaviour.

2) Project GRIFFIN:- Aimed at everyone in the workplace and covers a wide range of topics and areas where every employee can make a difference and help keep the public, their colleagues and themselves safe.

Each session takes approx.. 3 hours, accommodate 30+ people  and we plan to hold one of each.

WE HOPE YOU AND YOUR TEAMS WILL WANT TO ATTEND THE RELEVANT SESSIONS. If you are interested, please can you email by February 6th with your intentions and number of staff you would like to send to each session..

Once sufficient numbers are reached, dates will be conveyed for the training to take place.

Many thanks in anticipation

Kind Regards
Adrian Field
Head of Worcester BID
01905 731612

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