Worcester BID

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Better Together

One of the first businesses to sign up to our scheme to reduce insurance premiums saved more than 4 times their annual BID levy

You said that you wanted us to set up increased opportunities for the office / professional sector to be more informed on relevant topics and to network as well as to deliver even more cost saving projects to help reduce business overheads more than we have ever done before.

15 TV and radio interviews to promote Worcester was #open4business during and after floods of February 2014.

Chuggers reduced in numbers and frequency of operation thanks to BID lobbying.

Training courses

We will offer free or heavily subsidised training courses for your staff based on demand in the following areas as well as any more where demand from BID businesses necessitates it:

  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • (including refresher course for those who have already taken part in a BID course previously)
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Security Industry Authority (SIA) for doorstaff employed directly by BID businesses.
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Food Hygiene
  • Working at Height
  • Sales and Upselling

Networking opportunities and events

We will increase networking opportunities for the office / professional sector in particular through specific BID held events as well as subsidies for attendance at events held by other BID approved networking forums such as breakfast clubs, keynote speaking events and seminars.

Collective bargaining and purchasing

With the collective purchasing power of almost 600 businesses, which will allow the BID to enter negotiations to try and achieve reduced overheads through bulk buying we will operate reduced insurance costs, telecoms, gas and electricity bills. For the first time we will also reduce your overheads through the delivery of a collective paper shredding service as well as the cardboard recycling scheme.

Embracing Technology

We will work with the approved agents for Google to help increase presence on their various platforms such as Google Business View through collective purchasing power of the BID. We will also embrace changes and opportunities that technology will provide to help promote businesses as well as increase trading opportunities for them.

Business representation

We will provide opportunities for businesses to ensure that their own interests are represented on major issues such as planning, car parking improvements, regeneration, gulls, licensing, increased brown tourism signage for city centre attractions and traffic management. The BID continues to be an organisation which can raise awareness of issues and also present the views of the business community across to the relevant bodies like never before.

Investment and sponsorship

We will actively seek grants and further investment to the BID area as our appeal and reputation enhances because of your private sector investment through the BID. This will include sponsorship of events and activities undertaken by the BID, central government funding and other grants that the city centre’s businesses can benefit from.



The Next 5 Years