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Vote YES for BID

Please vote YES 27th November 2014
The ballot closes at 5pm on 27th November

43% turnout for initial BID ballot

1. Worcester City Council via independent professional company Electoral Reform Services, will send those responsible for properties or hereditaments to be subject to the new BID a ballot paper before 30th October 2014. Please ensure they are given to the eligible voter.

2. Prior to this date, the Council will have completed a canvass process to identify a voter list which will be used for the purposes of the ballot.

A Notice of Ballot will be sent to you on the 16th October setting out the BID arrangements.

3. Each property or hereditament subject to the BID will be entitled to one vote in respect of the proposal in a 28 day postal ballot which will commence on Thursday 30th October 2014, and close at 5pm on Thursday 27th November. Ballot papers received after 5pm on 27th November will not be counted.

4. In order for the proposal to be successful at ballot the result will need to meet, as a minimum, two independent criteria. First a simple majority (51%) of those voting must vote in favour. Second, those voting in favour must represent a majority of the aggregate rateable value of those hereditaments that have voted.

Each person entitled to vote in the BID ballot shall have one vote in respect of each heraditament that they occupy or own in the geographical area of the BID on which non-domestic rates are payable.

5. The result of the ballot will be announced on Friday 28th November 2014.

6. If successful at ballot, the new BID will commence delivery of services on 1st April 2015 and will continue for a period of 5 calendar years to 31st March 2020.


Your next steps to securing the city’s future

Please contact Worcester BID on 01905 731612 if you have any questions.
For more information on the ballot process please contact:
Worcester BID
4 Copenhagen Street
Worcester WR1 2EY
Phone 01905 731612
Email info@worcesterbid.com

Voting ‘YES’ will ensure
that the BID is retained for a further five years.

Ballot Papers must be received at the ERS Office in London by 5pm on Thursday 27th November 2014 for your vote to be counted.