Attractive City

Ensuring that the BID area is attractive to locals, businesses, clients, customers and visitors.

Working with local partners we proudly deliver seasonal city dressing campaigns, work to reduce gull numbers, and continue to carry out spot-cleaning within the city.

We will continue to install and maintain Summer floral planters. In 2018 we worked in close partnership with St Richard’s Hospice to create the ‘Worcester Stands Tall’ project, which saw over 50 giant and small giraffes throughout the city centre, bringing over 3.5 million people into the city centre. Explore this page to find out more.

Making the Most of Empty Spaces

Worcester is bucking the trend!

The recent quarterly Springboard National Empty Units Survey had the National Town Centre vacancy rate at 10.4% and the West Midlands vacancy rate at 10.3% for April 2019, with Worcester faring much better with a vacancy rate of just 7.8%.

This, along with a 61.7% of independent units, compared to West Midlands at 31.3% and the National rate at 35.9%, it’s safe to say that Worcester’s independent retailers rock!




The Worcester BID team, along with our BID businesses, stakeholders and partners, are continuing to work hard to encourage businesses into the city.

We will work with the landlords of empty units and other partners to encourage more pop-up shops/offices and dress their windows with a stylish vinyl finish to make the property more appealing to ensure that our wonderful city continues to buck the national trend and remains a vibrant and exciting place to eat, work and live!

Please Don't Be Gull-ible!

Here at Worcester BID we are constantly looking at new ways in which we can help reduce gull numbers in the city centre, ensuring it remains a beautiful and safe city for locals and visitors alike.

Along with posters and window stickers available free to our BID businesses, and a successful digital geofencing marketing campaign that took place between 15th to 31st July (covering the duration of the Worcester Food Festival), Worcester BID is now delighted to bring another initiative in the fight to reduce gull numbers in the city centre.

We are offering all of our BID food and drink establishments free, two sided, business card size information cards to display on tables or attach to menus.

These small information cards will be seen by the many hundreds of visitors eating and drinking in our BID businesses every week and will hopefully encourage people not to feed the gulls!

  • Gulls associate people with food and are attracted to areas where food is plentiful
  • Gulls create mess by scavenging food waste, spreading their droppings on buildings, pavements, cars and you!
  • Gulls can be aggressive and noisy
  • Gulls can carry diseases such as E-Coli and Salmonella
  • Gulls are very protective of their young and may attack people and pets
  • Dispose of your food carefully and responsibly – never drop it on the floor!
  • Don’t feed birds on the street, in parks or open spaces – throwing food is classed as littering
  • Never leave food unattended
  • Don’t give a gull an opportunity to swipe food from you – be alert and keep food close to you
  • Ensure waste food is wrapped up before you bin it

If you would like some free posters, window stickers or mini information cards for your business, contact Shelly here.

Floral Displays

Summer floral planters have been installed and maintained by the BID across the city centre area for a number of years now.

In 2019, floral displays include hanging baskets and planters placed around the city by way of complimenting the Pop-Up Park in Cathedral Square across the summer.