Safer City

The Worcester BID aims to create a safer and more supportive environment for businesses to thrive in the city by developing and improving the necessary foundations and opportunities.

CityNet is a Business Crime Reduction Partnership under Worcester BID comprising of 150+ businesses from both day and night-time economies. The CityNet system collaborates with partners such as the Police, local authorities, and Street Pastors, managing city centre crime through intelligence-led targeting of persistent offenders. Members include retailers, licensed premises, CCTV, police, the local authority, and other agencies committed to sharing good practice and information. CityNet offers a shared-radio system, DISC website and mobile app, free training workshops, Best Bar None accreditations, and regular informative meetings. Worcester BID members are also represented in various groups and forums.

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Worcester BID have invested in a Safer Streets Officer. Working closely with all city partners including West Mercia Police, Worcester City Council, Worcester Cares, and businesses to deter crime and anti-social behaviour with a primary focus on safer streets. To be a visual and consistent presence in the city, sending a clear message that we have zero tolerance for crime of any sort in the city centre.

→Identifies and escalates any city situations

→Assists with eliminating anti-social behaviour and safety and security incidents along with non-security related problems like litter, fly-tipping and graffiti

→Is the first point of contact for all BID businesses from a safe and secure perspective

→Facilitates effective information sharing

→Builds fantastic working relationships with our businesses

→Monitors escalated issues until appropriate actions have been taken

→Ensures timely and accurate records of incidents and issues arising are kept

→Provides regular store team training to support with loss prevention and CityNet radios

→Maintains the Intelligence Sharing Network via DISC.

Worcester CityNet members have access to an exclusive website and mobile app which allows them to report incidents of crime to BID and the Police, browse prolific offenders, report on the public realm, receive news and alerts and instant message one another. DISC provides members with intelligence on potential offenders, allows for communication amongst members, gives warnings of criminal activity and saves members time reporting incidents.

Worcester BID hosts regular Safer City meetings for all BID member businesses to attend where we hear important updates on any crime and anti-social behaviour happening throughout the city from West Mercia Police. It is a great opportunity for BID businesses to get together to discuss and raise awareness of any issues that may be affecting their business or the city. Regular Safer City meetings are hosted by Worcester BID for all BID members to attend. During these meetings, Worcester BID and West Mercia Police provide important updates on any crime and anti-social behaviour happening throughout the city. This platform offers a great opportunity for BID businesses to come together, discuss, and raise awareness of any issues that may be affecting their business or the city.

Loss Prevention Training
City Net Radio
Info Sharing
Retail Theft
Antisocial Behaviour
Public Order

Worcester BID has been enhancing community safety by providing first aid, AED, and catastrophic bleed training to businesses. They have also installed five new AED kits in late licensed venues within the city's night time economy. The project's next steps involve the external installation of community AED kits to ensure 24/7 accessibility to life-saving equipment. Additionally, businesses that are qualified in life-saving catastrophic bleed skills have been given bleed control kits to keep in their venues in case of emergencies.