In Worcester, businesses came together through the Worcester Business Improvement District (BID) to take the lead in tackling issues facing the city. The business community is passionate about their city, recognising that Worcester is a fantastic place but also that more help and support to boost trade and encourage visitors is required, as well as direct support on day to day running of the business and this is where the BID comes in. The links below provide more information on Worcester BID’s area and the business plan.

A key objective of The BID Foundation is to increase transparency and accountability of the industry. To view Worcester BID’s industry standards page please click here.

The BID has enabled over £4million to be invested in the city. This has been directed to better promote Worcester as cultural and inviting destination, improve the public realm, develop intelligence partnerships to create a safer environment, and provide support, guidance and a strong voice for our levy-paying members.

The past ten years have seen us deliver demonstrable change and progress across the range of key issues outlined in our Business Plan – a plan directly influenced by, and developed with, businesses within the city.

We have provided regular business communications, weekly footfall reports, the DISC phone app and free training and workshops.

The BID has delivered seasonal campaigns with vibrant, high quality materials and continues to support imaginative events. Consequently, Worcester continues to buck the national trend when it comes to footfall within the city centre. The BID’s recent investment in the Visit Worcester brand has seen the creation of the Visit Worcester website, which was jointly funded by Worcester BID and Worcester City Council and features profiles for all BID businesses.

Worcester BID is now in the final year of its second 5-year BID term. We are delighted to have built such strong relationships and delivered so many successful projects that achieved to make a great difference to our levy paying businesses, customers, partners and the wider Worcester city centre environment. Through our recent consultation we’ve listened to what you want to see more of, the issues which we need to address, and have shared ideas to make Worcester the very best it can be. We want to continue this work with you and have now launched the BID3 Business Plan.

The BID3 Ballot has taken place from 3rd to 31st October 2019. A third BID term was successfully backed by city centre businesses. This is the most successful ballot in the BID’s ten-year history, with 51% turnout and a record 84.9% of city businesses voting in favour by number and with more than 82.8% of businesses by aggregate rateable value in support of another five-year term. We would like to thank all of the businesses that returned their votes and their continued support of our work in the city centre.

A YES vote for another five years means a further £2 million+ invested in our city centre. That will allow us to build on the promotional work of Visit Worcester, lobby on your behalf about important city centre issues, and continue developing key services in the city centre such as CityNet and BID Ambassadors. Together we are a stronger voice, and we look forward to more shared success.

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Cost Savings

We are using the collective power of Worcester BID’s 600+ members to reduce business running costs...

Footfall Information

Worcester BID installed 4 footfall counters in the city which are an excellent means of assessing how busy the city is by area, day and even hour...


Worcester BID is funding a series of free and heavily subsidised training courses for employees of BID businesses to undertake...

Gull-proof Waste Sacks

The BID is offering posters and window stickers to businesses and placed around Worcester City to help the message reach as many people as possible...

Reduced Parking Charges

Worcester BID has negotiated to provide discounted car parking spaces exclusive to employees of Worcester BID businesses...

Marketing Opportunities

We will be continuing to promote the city to a defined audience in order to boost trading levels amongst BID businesses...

Worcester Business Improvement District

Enhancing, supporting and promoting businesses in the heritage city of Worcester

Who we are

Worcester Business Improvement District (BID) has been in operation since April 2010 and is a non-for-profit organisation with the aim of improving the trading conditions for the businesses who contribute a BID levy.

Worcester BID comprises over 650 businesses, varying in sector, with one of the highest independent rates in the country! We aim to buck trends, grow awareness of our city for both visitors and investors and support you and your business by day and night.

About Us

What we do

Worcester BID is the driving force behind the new Worcester Safe Space, providing welfare, first aid and assistance to patrons of the city and operational support to our businesses. We are also working to raise the profile of Worcester, enhance the city, increase city safety by day, create safer nights for both workers and visitors and provide extensive training to our business community.

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Our Objectives

Worcester BID is focused on delivering projects and services for your benefit. We are committed to enhancing the city’s trading environment,  experience and generating tangible value and cost savings for businesses, promoting and supporting those living working and trading within the city – as well as inspiring new visitors to discover all we have to offer.

Above all, Worcester BID is dedicated to supporting you and your business, so it is important that we understand what is of greatest value to you.

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To promote Worcester as a vibrant and attractive destination for businesses, visitors, and residents alike. This objective involves working with local partners to promote Worcester's unique cultural and historical heritage, as well as its diverse range of businesses, shops, and restaurants.

To support local businesses and encourage investment in the city. This objective involves working with local partners to provide support and networking opportunities for businesses, as well as promoting Worcester as a desirable location for investment and growth.

Worcester BID is committed to advancing and enhancing the city's economic growth, drawing visitors, and improving the city's offerings for residents, employees, and tourists alike. To achieve this, initiatives such as Purple Flag, which increases investment, and direct improvements, such as the installation of new lighting points and beautiful planters, are being implemented.

Worcester BID is taking the lead in implementing a comprehensive Night Time Strategy. This includes measures to improve safety, such as lighting, a Pub Watch program, a radio network for both day and night, and the creation of a Safe Space. Worcester BID has also achieved Purple Flag status for two consecutive years, providing a solid foundation for investment, operations for both new and existing businesses, and increased foot traffic.