Safer City

How we keep Worcester safe.

Worcester BID works hard to ensure that there is a welcoming presence for Worcester’s residents and visitors in the city centre, and to combat anti-social behaviour, theft and other incidents of crime throughout the day and night. We have a number of projects to help us achieve what our businesses wanted us to deliver and are continuing to build on these. 


What is Worcester CityNet?

Worcester CityNet is Worcester BID’s Business Crime Reduction Partnership and includes members from over 150 businesses from across the day and night-time economies. It is an intelligence led approach to managing city centre crime issues, by targeting and focusing efforts on the most persistent offenders. The team adopt a professional approach to combating retail, business and city centre crime within Worcester.

Members of CityNet include over 150 retailers, licensed premises, city centre CCTV, the police, local authority and other interested agencies. All parties are committed to sharing good practice, information and promoting partnership working.

Can you afford not to join!?

CityNet membership for Worcester BID members is free! The only cost incurred for Worcester BID members is for the rental of the digital radio which comes alongside access to the website and digital app. Collectively, these services come to less than 50p a day.

If you aren’t a Worcester BID member, there is a small charge for membership to the scheme. Please contact the Worcester BID team to find out more.

James Bell, Project Lead – Safer City 01905 731612

  • To deliver a local strategy to reduce city centre crime and the fear of crime.
  • To help businesses to trade successfully in a safe and secure environment.
  • To improve information sharing between the partnership and other crime reduction agencies.
  • To establish good practice for the collation, evaluation, analysis and dissemination of crime data locally, regionally and nationally.
  • To establish a strategy for identifying and sharing key performance indicators and management information.
  • To examine opportunities to link the group to edge of town secondary shopping areas.
  • To establish a local funding strategy to ensure long-term sustainability.

In partnership with CityNet, your business joins a wide network of businesses working together to provide a safer living and working environment. Joining a shared radio scheme will give you direct access to a network which is monitored by local police officers, CCTV suites, security staff and other businesses, meaning that warnings of criminal activity can be efficiently communicated between members.

Worcester BID also provides CityNet members with access to a website and mobile app provided by DISC. Allowing the user to report minor incidents directly to the crime bureau, browse prolific offenders, instant message businesses in their sector and receive latest news and events from CityNet and local authorities.

  • Reduce stock loss and increase profits by preventing and deterring theft.
  • Reduce crime and fear by deterring violent behaviour.
  • Enable security staff to be deployed more effectively.
  • Keeping your staff informed through reference material and photographs on active criminals.
  • Businesses work closer by sharing information.
  • Training for staff of all aspects of CityNet guidelines.
  • Develop effective partnerships between via radio links with Police, CCTV and other members.

Best Bar None

Best Bar None is an accreditation scheme supported by the Home Office and the drinks industry which is aimed primarily at promoting responsible management and operation of alcohol licensed premises.

The aim of Best Bar None is to reduce alcohol related crime and disorder, build positive relationships between the licensed trade and the agencies working to support them, improve knowledge and skills of enforcement agencies, licensees and bar staff and to highlight how operating more responsible can improve the profitability of an individual business and attractiveness of a general area.

Licensed premises who apply for accreditation will be guided along the process of meeting the standards through a pre-assessment workshop, advice from the Worcester BID team and will also receive the assessment criteria at least 2 weeks before the assessment meaning that the premises will be fully supported throughout the journey.

The assessment will last between no more than 2 hours and will be carried out by a qualified, impartial assessor. Once licensed premises are accredited, they will receive bronze, silver or gold qualifications and will receive publicity within local and trade press and other publications.

If a premise fails to meet the criteria, they will receive guidance on how to improve to reach accreditation. The scheme is designed to help improve businesses, not catch people out!

The assessment period will be through July and August and once every business has reached accreditation, there will be a high-profile awards night to celebrate individual businesses and the cities success!

City Centre Ambassador

Our experienced Ambassador liaises with businesses, reports any damage or issues which need urgent attention, meets and greets coaches with visitors to the city and carries out foot patrols with the aim of improving the visitor experience. They also have excellent relationships with the Police and Safer Neighbourhood Teams to assist with combatting crime and anti-social behaviour effectively and efficiently. 

Our City Ambassador can help you get involved in a wide variety of BID projects and services.

Glo’s normal Ambassador days are Monday to Friday and her CityNet call sign is ‘zero two’.

You can email Glo by clicking here
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Worcester Cares: Helping People Off the Street

If you visit, live or work in Worcester City, you will sometimes see people on the street. Some sleeping rough, in shop doorways or along the river, some are drinking excessively in the City centre, and others are begging – occasionally aggressively. Each needs help, whether they belong to only one or all three of these groups.

Our city does not want to demonise people on the street for the situation the find themselves in. Now charities and services from across the City have come together to help people you see on the street.

We know many who live and work in Worcester City, as well as many tourists and visitors, are compassionate people who want to help but are not sure how to. Worcester Cares is a united umbrella approach, which helps all the charities, and support services coordinate their work.

Worcester Cares FAQs

Tell us

Tell us about someone by using Street Link. By using the Street Link app, you can note down the place or street a person is and we can send someone to see him or her. or by calling 0300 500 09145

Tell them

Explain to the person that there are charities, churches and services in the City where they can get help. Magg’s Day Centre, St Paul’s Hostel and Caring for Communities (CCP) have experienced and trained staff who know what to do. Tell them to visit The Hive and the City Council staff will help them make the connection.

Volunteer for one of the Worcester Cares charities or services.

The charities in Worcester who work with people on the street have many different opportunities to volunteer time to help. Visit the websites of Maggs Day Centre, CCP or St Paul’s Hostel to find out more.

Any further questions, please email