Enhancing The City

Worcester BID collaborates with community members, partners, and city stakeholders to enhance the city. This involves improving walkability, enhancing city infrastructure, revitalizing the city centre, and securing additional funding and grants for the city and the community that uses it.

Worcester BID led an informal group to look at installing new pedestrian fingerpost signage in the city centre, making it easier for people to get around and be aware of the businesses in the city.

An independent audit of existing and required signage took place and new signs began to be installed throughout the city centre. This was a large project with 67 signs to assess, and new attractions to be added in (Hive, University Arena, etc) and the signs highlight areas never promoted before such as Sidbury, Reindeer Court, New Street, Friar Street and The Shambles. Routes from each location have been carefully selected to ensure that given a choice, the chosen route takes in the most businesses en route.

Worcester BID has continued to look at further signage opportunities for the city centre and a new artwork project has started to bring vibrancy into our city, reflecting the artistic talent of our residents and local community.

The first post that received a makeover is located on the High Street and was completed to commemorate the Jubilee. Starting September 2022, the city signage and electric boxes were be bought back to life by Worcester BID, creating art trails for residents and visitors alike.

Worcester BID collaborates with local artists to revamp the deteriorating wayfinding signage and electric boxes that were rusted, tagged with graffiti, and damaged. The new designs reflect the business area, heritage sights, and Worcester's overall essence.

Worcester BID collaborates with local artists seasonally to sponsor window art opportunities. Businesses can select custom art to be drawn onto their windows, creating eye-catching displays that attract customers and enhance the street's appearance.

Worcester BID have worked hard to secure permissions to install new infrastructure points along New Street, Friar Street and The Shambles. These points allow us to install fantastic seasonal aerial displays that zigzag the streets. These have improved the look of our central streets via colourful displays such as hanging lanterns, watering cans and umbrellas as well as festive adornments such as shimmering gifts.

The enhanced lighting has resulted in improved visibility, whilst visitors and businesses have noticed an increased sense of safety in these illuminated areas. We have also had national recognition by groups, such as Beautiful Britain for our Umbrella display, attracting many to make Worcester their choice for their next UK city break.

Summery floral planters were installed in New Street and Friar Street in 2022. This summer (2023) we have worked on maintenance by planting new colourful flower displays. Additionally, we've refreshed the planters on Broad Street with new cladding and updated floral displays in collaboration with Plantamamita, a city centre BID business.

The City Superheroes is a team of volunteers from Worcester BID, The Kiln Co, and local businesses who gather once a month to clean up our scenic riverside and city streets. You can easily identify us by our capes (city superhero t-shirts) and litter picking gear. If you're interested in participating in one of our litter picking networking sessions, please contact us at info@WorcesterBID.com.

The Worcester BID seeks additional funding through grants to connect the community with local businesses. This money is utilized to develop community opportunities like workshops, art trails, and events.

Art at the Station.

A coalition of partners including Worcester BID, led by TAS Worcester has worked to bring a new installation at Worcester Foregate Street Station.

The project has revitalised the previously very bland subway below the two platforms with a Worcester related art piece, containing colourfully presented information about Worcester and its attractions. It also includes orientation maps for visitors designed by the talented Estèe Angèline.