BID Billing Information

Worcester BID Billing Information

The BID is an important part of the City and has been working hard to support businesses at this time through practical advice, online sessions, marketing and other activities.

Our website is a valuable source of information for you and we would encourage you to explore the site further. Our priorities for the coming year are well documented in the BID 3 business plan 2020-2025 which is available on our BID 3 page and was sent to you during our recent successful re-ballot in September 2019. Clearly our immediate focus is support during the COVID 19 crisis and following this will be relaunching the City post lockdown.

We really value your continued support and look forward to working with you in the coming year.

What is Worcester BID?

The Worcester Business Improvement District (BID) is a precisely defined geographical area within Worcester city centre, where businesses voted to invest collectively in local improvements to enhance their trading environment.
The Worcester BID is one of over 320 BIDs operating in the UK. The purpose of the Worcester BID is to provide a range of new or additional services and projects designed to improve and support the trading environment. These are principally funded via a BID levy charge.

When did the BID start and for what duration?
The original BID commenced on 1st April 2010 the BID is now in its third term. Further information on BID3, including a copy of our business plan can be found here:

What are the BID Levy rules?
Worcester BID recognise the difficulties the business community have faced over the last 12 months and have adapted the payment system to allow for instalments to support businesses severely impacted by Covid.

The following terms apply:
– Any adjustments to the rateable values will only be applied to the BID levy at the fixed date of the subsequent chargeable year.
– Where new properties are brought into the rating list the levy will be charged at 1.5% of the prevailing list at the start of each financial year.
– In the case of empty or untenanted premises, the property owner (the subsequent eligible ratepayer) will be liable for the BID levy with no void period.
– Non-retail charities will be eligible to a BID levy reduction of 80% of the BID levy.
– Shopping centre tenants who are already subject to a service charge will pay a 1% levy.
– There will be a cap on contributions from one hereditament to a maximum levy value of £15,000.
– Hereditaments with rateable values below £7,500 are exempt from the levy and are therefore not part of the BID. They are eligible to pay a voluntary membership and a number of businesses choose to do so.

Reinvesting within the local area to promote, support and enhance the city ensuring that when we are out of this pandemic, we still have a thriving city to live, work and visit.

Worcester BID have played a crucial role for the recovery of the city and business community. We will continue to deliver strong business support encouraging further adaptation and collaborations.

Enhancing Worcester

Working with local partners, we’ll build on our reputation as one of the happiest places to live in the UK by enhancing the local area to be as accessible and inclusive as possible by supporting BID businesses with a range of training and services such as CityNet, whilst working with partners to reduce antisocial behaviour in the city.

Our BID Budget

During the financial year 2020/21, the staff team have undertaken a wide variety of necessary re-budgeting and cost-cutting measures such as reviewing all contract costs and cancelling any non-essential services and subscriptions. Below is a breakdown of our budget across projects and operating costs.

Please view the BID3-Levy-Rules for further information.

Enquiries about payments and accounts can be made by contacting:
South Worcestershire Revenues & Benefits Shared Service (SWRBSS)
Civic Centre,
Queen Elizabeth Drive,
WR10 1PT
• 01386 565173

Enquiries about Worcester BID and its projects and services can be made by contacting:
Worcester BID,
4 Copenhagen Street,
Facebook, Twitter