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Joining a shared radio scheme gives our members direct access to a radio network monitored by local police officers, CCTV operators and other businesses, giving them the peace of mind that warnings of criminal activity can be effectively communicated between members.



The Worcester CityNet Business Crime Partnership (WCN) is part of Worcester BID. The team adopt a professional approach to combating retail, business and city centre crime within Worcester.

Members of WCN are a member of the local CRIME & DISORDER REDUCTION PARTNERSHIP (CDRP) involving over 100 retailers, city centre CCTV, the police, local authority and other interested agencies. All parties are committed to sharing good practice, information and promoting partnership working.


• To support The Community Safety Strategy.
• To deliver a local strategy to reduce city centre crime and the fear of crime.
• To help businesses to trade successfully in a safe and secure environment
• To improve information sharing between the partnership and other crime reduction agencies
• To establish good practice for the collation, evaluation, analysis and dissemination of crime data locally, regionally and nationally.
• To establish a strategy for identifying and sharing key performance indicators and management information.
• To examine opportunities to link the group to edge of town secondary shopping areas.
• To establish a local funding strategy to ensure long-term sustainability.
• To increase the current membership.


Joining a shared radio scheme will give you direct access to a radio network, which is monitored by local police officers, CCTV suites and other businesses, meaning that warnings of criminal activity can be efficiently communicated between members.

• Increased profits by reducing the opportunity for crime.
• Increased staff confidence.
• Ending business isolation.
• Reducing crime and the fear of crime.
• Staff training.
• Data collection.
• Information sharing.
• Photograph sharing of known offenders.
• Exclusion Order Scheme – banning persistent offenders from member stores.
• CCTV coverage.
• Radio links with Police, CCTV and other members.
• The management of “Real Time” crime.

CityNet Membership for BID businesses is FREE with the only cost incurred being a monthly payment of £12.00 (plus VAT) for the rental of our digital radio equipment.  Full training on how to use the radio equipment and best practice is provided.

For Non BID businesses, we are happy to offer membership to the CityNet scheme so please call Shelly Simpson to find out more!


WCN is an intelligence led approach to managing city centre crime issues, by targeting and focusing our efforts on the most persistent offenders. Increasingly, retail, business and city centre crime cannot be taken in isolation.

Establishing long-term sustainable strategies to manage city centre crime and community safety will impact on the SAFE and SECURE concept which must be at the heart of any local community safety programme. The membership of our group proves this point; we are recognised as one of the most successful schemes in the Midlands region and currently experience a 90%+ clear-up rate.



How to protect your bottom line.  Advice compiled by Jack Hince January 2017 Click Here to Download

Counter Terrorism Advice (please note this is general guidance and not a security update) Click Here for the Website

Cyber Crime

Up-date for Business and Staff Click Here to Download

Annual Report

Click Here to Download the 2016 Worcester CityNet Annual Report.



If your require further information please contact:

Shelly Simpson – shelly.simpson@worcesterbid.com 

Tel. No. 01905 731612

For further information on joining CityNet please click here for the Invitation to Join

CityNet Link Radio Order Form


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