Worcester remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing partnerships and delivering ongoing support to foster a thriving and safe business community.

This partnership includes West Mercia Police, who have recently executed Operation Sceptre with remarkable success, resulting in the recovery of 446 knives. This operation, which engaged with schools and communities, provided knife surrender points to eliminate potential weapons from our streets.

Recently, a programme from West Merica Police and Worcester SNT called Operation Forefront, saw Worcester BID attend the morning Police briefing and conduct business visits within our local retailers, whilst our Safer Streets officer provided medical support and added increased visibility. The increased visibility achieved through Operation Forefront was great to see, and we saw the beneficial outcomes first-hand to the public, businesses, residents, and visitors.

Worcester Business Improvement District (BID) is marking a year’s milestone in Worcester’s security landscape. Wayne Price, the Safer Streets Officer for BID, has now provided an extra layer of security in the city centre for one year. Since June 20th, 2023, Price’s role has been instrumental in supporting businesses city-wide, collaborating with security personnel, such as Cathedral Square and Crowngate teams and West Mercia Police City SNT to implement initiatives and interventions. Here’s a comprehensive overview of their year-long endeavours:

– Instances of Stoppage/Recovery: 68

– Provision of First Aid: 19 cases

– Deterrence Actions: 88 incidents

– Intelligence Gathering/Monitoring: 26 cases

– Ensuring Staff Safety: 7 instances

– Assisting Police/Witness Arrests: 24 occasions

– Engaging with Homeless Individuals and Welfare Checks: 19 instances

– Conducting Training Sessions: 29 engagements

– Combatting Fraud: 8 cases

– Dealing with Sales of Stolen Goods: 6 incidents

– Handling Missing Persons Reports: 2 cases

– Enforcing Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO): 21 actions

– Addressing Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB): 42 interventions

– Recovery of Stock and Money: Totalling £20,100.95


The financial impact of the Safer Streets Officer is substantial, with a total recovery of £20,100.95 in stock and money for businesses and city dwellers throughout the year. Notable peaks in recoveries, such as October 2023 (£2979.36) and May 2024 (£2768.95), underscore the value of this initiative in supporting the city’s commercial landscape.

Worcester BID is committed to continuing the Safer Streets Officer role to address the evolving needs and objectives of local businesses and partners, ensuring continued progress in all partner objectives in making Worcester a safer place.