Worcester’s success in combatting retail theft is backed by tangible statistics.

From June 20th, 2023, to March 20th, 2024, Worcester BID’s Safer Streets Officer reported 59 instances of asset and monetary recovery and 88 cases of deterrence within the business district. This dedicated officer actively addresses anti-social behaviour, particularly in hot-spot areas, and supports staff in reporting crimes, contributing to a substantial recovery of £15,803.00 in just over eight months.

Other support given by the Safer Streets Officer is as follows:

  • First aid 16
  • Intelligence/Monitoring 19
  • Staff safety 5 [Where staff members have felt uncomfortable in certain situations so have shown presence or ejected offenders] 
  • Assistance with authorities/ Witness arrests 21
  • Homelessness Advice/Interaction 17
  • Fraud 8
  • Stolen Goods  6
  • Missing & Vulnerable Persons 2
  • PSPO [Public Spaces Protection Orders] 21

Through collaborative efforts and heightened awareness, Worcester’s partners have effectively intensified the targeting of retail theft, working towards safer streets for everyone. It is great to see that there is a national push to reduce retail theft, and even better to see that Worcester’s endeavours have already yielded success in combatting retail theft. The city is committed to further cultivating partnerships and providing ongoing efforts that support businesses to flourish.