Worcester BID is thrilled to announce the completion of their largest city installation to date!

BID Team and Colour Palette creator Stacey Barnfield, pictured on Broad Street

Worcester is now ablaze with colour as the summer aerial displays have been installed throughout the city. The vibrant bunting, featuring the distinctive Worcester Colour Palette by Stacey Barnfield, celebrates the city’s rich heritage and has been prominently displayed across various locations.

The displays include giant palette board decorations, classic summer bunting, and giant mesh spheres suspended overhead. This exciting initiative by Worcester BID aims to create livelier and more engaging city streets, already enticing many to book long weekends in the city to enjoy the displays.

This year, Worcester BID has installed displays on 8 city centre streets, including The Shambles, The Hopmarket, Reindeer Court, Broad Street, New Street, Friar Street, Mealcheapen Street, and St. Swithin’s. The Worcester Colour Palette, inspired by Worcester’s landmarks and history, features colours such as Elgar Bronze, Saucy Orange, Hive Gold, Cathedral Stone, Diglis Deep Blue, and Pear Black, reflecting the city’s vibrancy and diversity.

Stacey Barnfield, designer of the Worcester Colour Palette, said: “It’s so wonderful to see how Worcester BID has creatively adopted the Colour Palette concept with the new displays and bunting. The colour palette is all about celebrating the local history, people and places that make our areas so special to us, and this latest installation by Worcester BID does it so well.”

Stacey Barnfield and BID CEO, Sam McCarthy on Pump Street


The Colour Palette was first used by The Arts Society Worcester in collaboration with WCRP, Worcester BID, and local partners through a project aiming to enhance Worcester’s first impression for visitors arriving by train at Foregate Street Station and additionally promoting local artistic talent. This project also supports wayfinding with maps positioned by stairwells, guiding visitors to explore the vibrant city.

Local businesses have enthusiastically supported the initiative, with Justin, Owner of Ware, commenting, “The installation of aerial displays in Reindeer Court is wonderful, tying the Court in with the city colour palette. Small businesses benefit enormously from increased footfall brought about by Worcester BID initiatives such as this—giving another reason to visit Reindeer Court!”

Other businesses, like Bottles Wine Bar and Merchants, have praised the displays on New Street and Friar Street, saying, “The displays have brought a new lease of life to New Street and Friar Street, a lovely representation of the community and creativity that Worcester shines with! Summer has arrived!”

Jennifer from ArrangeMYescape added, “What a fantastic and different way for our city to really stand out! It’s not only colourful but educational. A real celebration of what Worcestershire is all about.”

Bill Simpson, Trustee at The Hopmarket Charity said: “We are delighted to be part of Worcester BID’s initiative to bring colour and vibrancy into The Hopmarket; not only does it look fabulous it also brings the city’s history and heritage to life.  We hope it encourages more visitors to our courtyard space over the summer months.”




Looking ahead, Worcester BID will continue to enhance the cityscape with more projects, including revitalising areas like a patch of land on the junction between Lower Broad Street and Deansway, turning it into a haven for bugs and fauna, and further art enhancements to improve tagged areas of the city.

If you are a landlord or own an area in the city that needs some TLC, please contact us at info@worcesterbid.com.