Step into Worcester’s vibrant nighttime scene, where safety, business innovation, and community converge to look to create a safer future.

At the heart of this vision is Safe Space, a beacon of compassion and security that operates in our streets every Friday and Saturday night, ensuring residents, students, and visitors alike can enjoy the city’s offerings without worry. Launched in December 2023 with steadfast support from leaders, Worcester BID and key partners, this initiative is not just a fleeting gesture but a commitment to safeguarding our nightlife for years to come. At current at least 2 years, worth of funding (beginning December 2023), has been secured by Worcester BID via funding from the West Mercia PCC (Police and Crime Commissioner).

Beyond Safe Space, Worcester BID is leading additional efforts to enhance the city’s safety measures. The upcoming Worcester Night Charter encourages businesses to pledge their support for training and safety protocols, fostering a culture of responsibility across venues which will impact visitors by both staff and venues being increasingly trained and supported.

The pursuit of a third consecutive Purple Flag accreditation further underscores Worcester’s dedication to providing a secure and thriving environment after dark, attracting investment, and fostering economic growth. Since earning this esteemed recognition in September 2022, the city has continued to elevate its standards with the unwavering support of Worcester BID, Worcester City Council, and West Mercia Police.

As we look to the future in Worcester, these initiatives serve as cornerstones of a safer Worcester by night. With each success, such as the £10,000 saved to the NHS in the way of ambulance call-outs saved by Safe Space Worcester, we inch closer to demonstrating the need to fund initiatives that improve safety, allowing us to further expand programs like Safe Space, ensuring their enduring impact on our community for years to come.

With Worcester BID leading the charge, Worcester BID’s goal is clear: to fund the next five years of Safe Space, keep Worcester on the upward direction for positive change, and leave an indelible mark on Worcester’s evening economy—one that prioritises safety, inclusivity, and business prosperity.

Operation Forefront

In addition to this, it has been great to see the work of our partners, West Mercia Police during Operation Forefront.


A great initiative from West Mercia Police and Worcester SNT saw Worcester BID attend the morning Police briefing and conduct business visits within our local retailers, whilst our Safer Streets officer provided medical support and added increased visibility.
The increased visibility achieved through Operation Forefront was great to see, and we saw the beneficial outcomes first-hand to the public, businesses, residents, and visitors. This just goes to show, that Worcester cares about safety.
We look forward to supporting a programme of safety initiatives into the future.