While Worcester may be clad in blue for its historic football team, its nighttime economy is undeniably purple. For the past two years, Worcester has proudly achieved the Purple Flag accreditation, with plans underway to secure a third consecutive year.

Presented by the Association of Town & City Management (ATCM), the Purple Flag is a prestigious international recognition that celebrates cities’ efforts in enriching their urban centres during evening hours. It’s not just a badge of honour; it’s a testament to Worcester’s commitment to creating vibrant and safe nighttime spaces that draw visitors, boost spending, and ease crime.

The success of this initiative in the city owes much to the collaborative efforts of Worcester BID, West Mercia Police, Worcester City Council, Worcester Street Pastors, and Worcestershire Regulatory Services. Recently, Worcester BID members, in conjunction with city partners, undertook a thorough evaluation of the nighttime economy’s amenities, ambience, and safety measures. From 5 PM to 5 AM, they scoured every corner of the city, identifying areas for enhancement and gauging the public’s perception of safety.

This proactive approach not only goes towards the lengthy application that allows Worcester to maintain its Purple Flag status but also fosters ongoing improvement and growth. Moreover, Purple Flag accreditation has been shown to attract more visitors, increase spending, and even stimulate investment in the city, making it an attractive destination for residents and newcomer businesses alike.

Crucially, the Purple Flag accreditation is more than just a symbolic gesture—it’s a catalyst for tangible change that takes place through findings from pre-assessments as well as the collaborative efforts and heightened awareness it brings. Worcester is not only curbing crime but also nurturing inclusive and secure spaces for all residents and visitors.

Worcester is now gearing up to renew its Purple Flag accreditation this summer. With each passing year, the city’s purple glow shines ever brighter, with the evolution of projects such as Safe Space, we are signalling an unwavering commitment to fostering a dynamic and safe nighttime environment for all.