The latest news: Safe Space Action Week A Success

This week Worcester BID took to Broad Street daily from 10 am to 4 pm, offering insights into Safe Space from the Worcester BID and Safe Space medic team. Residents and visitors were encouraged to drop by and engage.

Sam McCarthy, CEO of Worcester BID, said “We were delighted to witness the community actively engaging, asking questions about our services, and leaving more informed during the action week. We trust they’ll spread the word that Safe Space is free and available to all, especially to friends and family visiting Worcester at night.”

Safe Space is a vehicle that typically operates in the nighttime economy on a Friday and Saturday night between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am. The dedicated team provide free, no judgment, medical and welfare support to all. Safe Space has now assisted with 451 cases, ranging from medical traumas to getting someone home safely and has received great feedback from those who have used it and their families.

On Monday Safe Space showcased alongside Neighbourhood Matters, a West Mercia Police initiative and knife collection points manned by West Mercia SNTs as part of the national police force programme, Operation Sceptre. Last year Operation Sceptre year removed 9,737 knives from our streets across England and Wales – something partners are hoping to emulate this year with intensified action and coordinated education on knife crime across forces.

This week of outreach aligned with national action weeks, Dementia Action Week & Mental Health Awareness Week. The presence of Safe Space in the daytime trade aimed to support the city’s day traders and visitors with any medical or welfare needs, but also to shine a light on work surrounding the city’s efforts in becoming more accessible to those with disabilities such as dementia.

A variety of events and activities were also hosted at The Hive this week to raise awareness and decrease the stigma around dementia.

More information regarding accessibility in the city can be found via Accessible (, a free online platform that details accessibility guides and venues in the area.

Worcester is on the upward: The Future Of Worcester Is Safe

Step into Worcester’s vibrant nighttime scene, where safety, business innovation, and community converge to look to create a safer future.

At the heart of this vision is Safe Space, a beacon of compassion and security that operates in our streets every Friday and Saturday night, ensuring residents, students, and visitors alike can enjoy the city’s offerings without worry. Launched in December 2023 with steadfast support from leaders, Worcester BID and key partners, this initiative is not just a fleeting gesture but a commitment to safeguarding our nightlife for years to come. At current at least 2 years, worth of funding (beginning December 2023), has been secured by Worcester BID via funding from the West Mercia PCC (Police and Crime Commissioner).

Beyond Safe Space, Worcester BID is leading additional efforts to enhance the city’s safety measures. The upcoming Worcester Night Charter encourages businesses to pledge their support for training and safety protocols, fostering a culture of responsibility across venues which will impact visitors by both staff and venues being increasingly trained and supported.

The pursuit of a third consecutive Purple Flag accreditation further underscores Worcester’s dedication to providing a secure and thriving environment after dark, attracting investment, and fostering economic growth. Since earning this esteemed recognition in September 2022, the city has continued to elevate its standards with the unwavering support of Worcester BID, Worcester City Council, and West Mercia Police.

As we look to the future in Worcester, these initiatives serve as cornerstones of a safer Worcester by night. With each success, such as the £10,000 saved to the NHS in the way of ambulance call-outs saved by Safe Space Worcester, we inch closer to demonstrating the need to fund initiatives that improve safety, allowing us to further expand programs like Safe Space, ensuring their enduring impact on our community for years to come.

With Worcester BID leading the charge, Worcester BID’s goal is clear: to fund the next five years of Safe Space, keep Worcester on the upward direction for positive change, and leave an indelible mark on Worcester’s evening economy—one that prioritises safety, inclusivity, and business prosperity.

Operation Forefront

In addition to this, it has been great to see the work of our partners, West Mercia Police during Operation Forefront.


A great initiative from West Mercia Police and Worcester SNT saw Worcester BID attend the morning Police briefing and conduct business visits within our local retailers, whilst our Safer Streets officer provided medical support and added increased visibility.
The increased visibility achieved through Operation Forefront was great to see, and we saw the beneficial outcomes first-hand to the public, businesses, residents, and visitors. This just goes to show, that Worcester cares about safety.
We look forward to supporting a programme of safety initiatives into the future.

Service Directory: Support for Recovery in Worcestershire

Please use our service directory to find the best contact, helpline, and support channel for you, a colleague or a friend.

Many services can be accessed for free and impartial help in worcester.



Safe Space Worcester: From Strength To Strength

Worcester BID has now released the newest Safe Space stats! Safe Space, a moving venue of compassion and care takes to our streets every Friday and Saturday night, as well as during events, providing a safe environment for residents, students, and visitors alike.

Safe Space is an organisation run by a team of dedicated professionals. It’s not just a physical location in the form of a Safe Space vehicle, but a helping hand for anyone in need. Safe Space welcomes everyone with open arms, free of charge, and has already helped nearly 100 city-goers (as of the end of February 2024 since December 15, 2023). The ethos of Safe Space is simple: to offer medical and welfare support without any preconceived notions.

According to the latest statistics, Safe Space has looked after a total of 98 events. Within these events, they have provided care in various categories: welfare (34 cases (35%)), medical (48 cases (49%)), mental health (8 cases (8%)), police assistance (1 case (1%)), and enquiry (7 cases (7%)). These figures underscore the breadth of Safe Space’s reach and the diverse range of support it offers to the community.

Sam McCarthy, Worcester BID CEO said, “We are proud to serve the community via Safe Space Worcester and would like to thank all of our primary and supporting partners for their assistance in making this project possible.”

In addition to ensuring the safety and well-being of 98 individuals in Worcester, the interventions and care delivered by the Safe Space team have resulted in a notable decrease in ambulance callouts, saving the NHS a minimum of £9500. This figure is conservative, denoting the minimum amount saved according to NHS data regarding the cost of an ambulance call-out. However, the actual amount saved may be much higher than the stated figure. This fantastic stat provides an additional layer of justification for the need for Safe Space in Worcester’s nighttime economy, highlighting the tangible impact of Safe Space on both public health, nighttime business operations and financial resources.

Since its inaugural night, the Safe Space team have received fabulous feedback from stakeholders, parents, friends, partners, Police Teams, and Safe Space users. Richard Nash, lead medic at Safe Space Worcester said, “The initiative has certainly shown its worth over the first 3 months of operation and we are looking forward to providing ongoing support and welfare.”

Worcester BID, Safe Space partners and the Safe Space team have collectively expressed commitment to providing sustained support and care to the community moving forward.

For more information and to stay up to date, follow Safe Space on social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Take a look at our latest stats in the below infographic.

Download the latest stats

Safe Space works to provide operational support for the NTE

Safe Space is operated by a team of dedicated professionals,  extending medical support, welfare support or otherwise and offering this without any preconceived notions. Safe Space is free to all, no judgement and is working to promote a positive view of Worcester City Centre as a safe destination for a night out, to live and to study. This is bolstered by our work on becoming Purple Flag accredited.

Take a look at our latest stats in the below infographic.

Download the latest stats

Safe Space: Worcester's Nighttime Guardian Reveals Impressive Debut Stats

In the bustling nighttime economy of Worcester, the new Safe Space has well and truly arrived, offering solace to those who may find themselves vulnerable in our city. Safe Space, a beacon of compassion and care, takes to our streets every Friday and Saturday night, as well as during events, providing a safe environment for residents, students, and visitors alike.

Operated by a team of dedicated professionals, Safe Space is more than just a physical location; it’s a helping hand for those in need. Safe Space embraces everyone with open arms, free of charge and has already helped many city-goers. The ethos of Safe Space is simple: to extend medical support, welfare support or otherwise and to offer this without any preconceived notions.

In its inaugural seven nights of operation, Safe Space has proven to be more than just a safety net – it’s a financial boon for the NHS, saving an impressive figure of at least £4300 – without any financing from you the taxpayer. Beyond the monetary value, it has addressed and managed 39 medical and welfare incidents during this short span, showcasing its now indispensable role in improving community safety standards.

During the chilly nights of December, when festivities filled the air, Safe Space served as a crucial support system for Worcester’s residents, students, and visitors. Over just seven nights, including New Years Eve, their impact was felt deeply: 13 visitors, perhaps unfamiliar with the city’s terrain, discovered a haven in their time of need, 24 residents found solace and assistance and 2 students also received aid. 5 other individuals, who were not categorised at the time of visiting, were also assisted by the Safe Space.

Safe Space is more than a service; it’s a testament to the strength of a community that values compassion and inclusivity. Let Safe Space stand as a reminder that the city is fostering a culture of care that makes Worcester truly exceptional.


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NEW!! Safe Space Worcester Successfully Launches Over the Weekend

Worcester Safe Space was officially launched on December 15 adding yet an extra string to the night-time strategy’s bow.

Worcester is a city that takes safety seriously. Equipped with CCTV, a CityNet radio system, a newly developed Pub Watch scheme and having already been awarded the Purple Flag accreditation for two years running, the city has taken things to the next level with the introduction of a Safe Space. This unique initiative provides a non-judgmental, supportive haven for anyone in need of assistance during operation in the night-time hours.

Worcester BID leads the way with the city night-time strategy and Safe Space initiative, working in conjunction with the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner, Worcester City Council, West Mercia Police, Worcester Street Pastors, Worcestershire County Council, Crowngate Shopping Centre, University of Worcester, RTN Medical and Universal Display.

The Safe Space vehicle was also out in force this weekend on both Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of December. The primary goal of this pioneering initiative is to make the city a safer place for everyone, and it did just that over the weekend.

The Safe Space vehicle offers a range of services designed to ensure a safe night out, including:

  • Skilled paramedics
  • Mental health support
  • Welfare support
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Help finding a taxi
  • A secure space to wait
  • Security alarms and drink StopTopps
  • Emergency mobile phone charging
  • A change of clothes
  • Bottles of water

Worcester Safe Space is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all members of the community. Over the course of the weekend the Safe Space vehicle was stationed at Worcester’s Cornmarket from 10pm to 1.30am before moving location to Angel Place where it will remain in place until 4am.

During its operation the Safe Space supported the patrons of city centre businesses in enjoying a safe night out in the city by giving general assistance, first aid, and welfare support. On Friday night, the work of the team at Safe Space saved at least two ambulances from being called out, provided five counts of first aid and a further four counts of welfare support. On the Saturday, a further ambulance call out was saved and four counts of first aid were successfully given. Safe Space also assisted in phone charging, directions, train times and handed out numerous bottles of water to those in need across both nights.


Richard Nash, Lead Medic at Safe Space said: “We are thrilled to have aided many visitors of the city centre through the Safe Space initiative. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, with members of the public and Police alike expressing their gratitude.

Our team provided support to vulnerable individuals by providing warmth, water, and safe transport home. We also administered first aid treatment, charged mobile phones, and aided with directions to ensure safe journeys.

The initiative proved to be a great success on its debut, and we’re excited to continue providing support and welfare to those in need.”

Samantha McCarthy, Worcester BID CEO, said: “We take pride in the fact that we were able to help numerous individuals arrive home safely over the course of the weekend. In doing so, we were also able to contribute to the operations of the night-time economy and reduce the burden on our city’s emergency services.”

The Safe Space will be active again every Friday and Saturday night throughout December, as well as on New Year’s Eve, providing support and assistance from 10pm to 4am. We are looking forward to continuing our services to individuals in need and supporting our business community throughout 2024.

For more information on the Worcester Safe Space project, you can follow @safespaceworc on social media, and for more Worcester BID’s night-time economy initiatives, you can visit the website at