Worcester Unveils Largest City Installation with Vibrant Displays

Worcester BID is thrilled to announce the completion of their largest city installation to date!

BID Team and Colour Palette creator Stacey Barnfield, pictured on Broad Street

Worcester is now ablaze with colour as the summer aerial displays have been installed throughout the city. The vibrant bunting, featuring the distinctive Worcester Colour Palette by Stacey Barnfield, celebrates the city’s rich heritage and has been prominently displayed across various locations.

The displays include giant palette board decorations, classic summer bunting, and giant mesh spheres suspended overhead. This exciting initiative by Worcester BID aims to create livelier and more engaging city streets, already enticing many to book long weekends in the city to enjoy the displays.

This year, Worcester BID has installed displays on 8 city centre streets, including The Shambles, The Hopmarket, Reindeer Court, Broad Street, New Street, Friar Street, Mealcheapen Street, and St. Swithin’s. The Worcester Colour Palette, inspired by Worcester’s landmarks and history, features colours such as Elgar Bronze, Saucy Orange, Hive Gold, Cathedral Stone, Diglis Deep Blue, and Pear Black, reflecting the city’s vibrancy and diversity.

Stacey Barnfield, designer of the Worcester Colour Palette, said: “It’s so wonderful to see how Worcester BID has creatively adopted the Colour Palette concept with the new displays and bunting. The colour palette is all about celebrating the local history, people and places that make our areas so special to us, and this latest installation by Worcester BID does it so well.”

Stacey Barnfield and BID CEO, Sam McCarthy on Pump Street


The Colour Palette was first used by The Arts Society Worcester in collaboration with WCRP, Worcester BID, and local partners through a project aiming to enhance Worcester’s first impression for visitors arriving by train at Foregate Street Station and additionally promoting local artistic talent. This project also supports wayfinding with maps positioned by stairwells, guiding visitors to explore the vibrant city.

Local businesses have enthusiastically supported the initiative, with Justin, Owner of Ware, commenting, “The installation of aerial displays in Reindeer Court is wonderful, tying the Court in with the city colour palette. Small businesses benefit enormously from increased footfall brought about by Worcester BID initiatives such as this—giving another reason to visit Reindeer Court!”

Other businesses, like Bottles Wine Bar and Merchants, have praised the displays on New Street and Friar Street, saying, “The displays have brought a new lease of life to New Street and Friar Street, a lovely representation of the community and creativity that Worcester shines with! Summer has arrived!”

Jennifer from ArrangeMYescape added, “What a fantastic and different way for our city to really stand out! It’s not only colourful but educational. A real celebration of what Worcestershire is all about.”

Bill Simpson, Trustee at The Hopmarket Charity said: “We are delighted to be part of Worcester BID’s initiative to bring colour and vibrancy into The Hopmarket; not only does it look fabulous it also brings the city’s history and heritage to life.  We hope it encourages more visitors to our courtyard space over the summer months.”




Looking ahead, Worcester BID will continue to enhance the cityscape with more projects, including revitalising areas like a patch of land on the junction between Lower Broad Street and Deansway, turning it into a haven for bugs and fauna, and further art enhancements to improve tagged areas of the city.

If you are a landlord or own an area in the city that needs some TLC, please contact us at info@worcesterbid.com.

The Euros are HERE! & Operation Hubble Downloads

The Euros start tonight!

It’s Coming to Worcester

With the excitement building for UEFA Euro 2024, Worcester’s city centre offers some great spots where fans can watch the matches and soak in the atmosphere with some great food and drink.

Venues to Watch Euro 2024 in Worcester

  1. Mode Sports Bar and Grill: Featuring LOTS of big screens and a spacious outdoor garden.
  2. O’Neill’s: Known for its lively atmosphere and HD screens, perfect for enjoying the Euros with food and drinks.
  3. Craft Inn: Offering a vast selection of craft beer, with online reservations providing drinks credit and free half-time food.
  4. The Horn and Trumpet: A traditional pub with live game screenings and food and drink specials.
  5. The Kings Head: Located on Sidbury, this venue offers courtyard screenings and a great pint of Guinness.

To ensure you don’t miss any of the action, check out our local pub guide tips below…

  • Arrive Early: Popular big-screen venues can fill up quickly, especially for England games. Booking where possible and arriving early ensures you get a good seat. Maybe go for food first!
  • Check Reservations: Most venues showing the games in the city accept table bookings, so it’s worth checking in advance to secure your spot!
  • Special Promotions: Support your local venues and look out for special promotions on food and drinks during match days.

We hope you enjoy the Euros in Worcester’s City Centre pubs! But to keep you safe whilst you do so, West Mercia Police has launched “Operation Hubble,” a proactive initiative designed to ensure public safety and manage crowds during the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament. As football fever grips the nation, Operation Hubble is working to ensure that everyone can enjoy the matches in a safe environment. You will see increased patrols in busy areas, collaboration with local venues hosting match viewings, and a zero-tolerance approach to alcohol-related incidents.

Businesses interested in showcasing Operation Hubble on their social media or premises can access a variety of downloadable resources from West Mercia Police below.

Press the image to open up a downloadable copy. 

Discover the Charm of Reindeer Court in Worcester

Nestled in the heart of Worcester, Reindeer Court is a hidden gem full of thriving independent and locally owned businesses. Whether you enter from New Street, Mealcheapen Street, or The Shambles, you’ll find yourself immersed in a community that prides itself on offering unique products and services, fostering a delightful shopping and dining experience.

A haven for locally run and family-owned businesses, Reindeer Court is home to an eclectic mix of shops you won’t want to miss, including:

  • Hugo and Ted: Offering a handmade selection of doggie goods that you won’t find elsewhere.
  • The Wildling Collective: Perfect for those seeking a family-friendly café and play space.
  • Ware: A must-visit for stylish and mid-century homeware.
  • Bottles Wine Shop: Ideal for wine enthusiasts looking to explore a wide range of quality wines.
  • Gem’s Traditional Thai Massage & Beauty Therapy: A sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation, offering authentic Thai massage and treatments.
  • Jaks Coffee Shop: A cosy spot to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and a snack.
  • Paw & Co: Pet lovers will adore this shop and café which caters to the needs of their furry friends.
  • Plantamamita: For those with a green thumb, this store offers a variety of plants and gifts.
  • Fuel Clothing: A fashion haven offering curated stylish apparel for women.
  • Embrace Boutique: A boutique offering a specialist service to women affected by cancer, those undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and women experiencing hair loss.
  • Elgars Coffee Shop: An excellent spot for a relaxing coffee break with a warm, inviting atmosphere.
  • Hangar CAFE: Known for its delicious food, cakes and courtyard seating.
  • David Jon Hairdressing: Professional hairdressing services to keep you looking your best.
  • Ian Quartermaine Jewellers: A reputable jeweller offering exquisite pieces and expert craftsmanship.
  • Reindeer Court Dental: Providing comprehensive dental care in a friendly setting, opening soon!
  • Natural Definition: Specialising in beauty treatments and beauty services.
  • SJ Footcare: Providing professional foot care services.
  • Dragons Barbershop: Traditional barber services with a modern twist.
  • Starseed Kitchen: A unique dining experience with a focus on fresh, all-vegan ingredients.
  • About You: A gorgeous beauty and aesthetics venue.
  • Fox and Fortune Tattoo: A professional tattoo studio known for its artistry and attention to detail.
  • Fashion Nails & Spa: Offering top-notch nail and spa services.

Next time you’re in Worcester, make sure to wander through Reindeer Court. Whether you’re looking for a special gift, a relaxing beauty treatment, or simply a great cup of coffee, you’ll find it all here.
Don’t forget to share your finds and experiences using the hashtag #reindeercourt!

Reflecting on One Year of the BID Safer Streets Initiative

Worcester remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing partnerships and delivering ongoing support to foster a thriving and safe business community.

This partnership includes West Mercia Police, who have recently executed Operation Sceptre with remarkable success, resulting in the recovery of 446 knives. This operation, which engaged with schools and communities, provided knife surrender points to eliminate potential weapons from our streets.

Recently, a programme from West Merica Police and Worcester SNT called Operation Forefront, saw Worcester BID attend the morning Police briefing and conduct business visits within our local retailers, whilst our Safer Streets officer provided medical support and added increased visibility. The increased visibility achieved through Operation Forefront was great to see, and we saw the beneficial outcomes first-hand to the public, businesses, residents, and visitors.

Worcester Business Improvement District (BID) is marking a year’s milestone in Worcester’s security landscape. Wayne Price, the Safer Streets Officer for BID, has now provided an extra layer of security in the city centre for one year. Since June 20th, 2023, Price’s role has been instrumental in supporting businesses city-wide, collaborating with security personnel, such as Cathedral Square and Crowngate teams and West Mercia Police City SNT to implement initiatives and interventions. Here’s a comprehensive overview of their year-long endeavours:

– Instances of Stoppage/Recovery: 68

– Provision of First Aid: 19 cases

– Deterrence Actions: 88 incidents

– Intelligence Gathering/Monitoring: 26 cases

– Ensuring Staff Safety: 7 instances

– Assisting Police/Witness Arrests: 24 occasions

– Engaging with Homeless Individuals and Welfare Checks: 19 instances

– Conducting Training Sessions: 29 engagements

– Combatting Fraud: 8 cases

– Dealing with Sales of Stolen Goods: 6 incidents

– Handling Missing Persons Reports: 2 cases

– Enforcing Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO): 21 actions

– Addressing Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB): 42 interventions

– Recovery of Stock and Money: Totalling £20,100.95


The financial impact of the Safer Streets Officer is substantial, with a total recovery of £20,100.95 in stock and money for businesses and city dwellers throughout the year. Notable peaks in recoveries, such as October 2023 (£2979.36) and May 2024 (£2768.95), underscore the value of this initiative in supporting the city’s commercial landscape.

Worcester BID is committed to continuing the Safer Streets Officer role to address the evolving needs and objectives of local businesses and partners, ensuring continued progress in all partner objectives in making Worcester a safer place.